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              SOME RAMBLINGS
     I have been asked many times to open my minds door and let people get to know me.  What you are about to read, see and feel are nothing more than my mind rambling on...  

If you bore easily then maybe this won't be of interest to you.      

There isn't a beginning or an end to this page and when something strikes me I will write about it.      

If you have questions and you think I have the answer then please email me and I  will try to give it my best shot.       

Well first you may want to get to know me so I did one of those personality tests and here were the results. I do agree with what the test revealed... Funny though in High School I felt I didn't have a personality but everyone told me I had a delightful personality but for the life of me I couldn't see it and to top things off I felt I was boring... still do to a point :) 

Click here to see my personality test results
     Now lets talk about my hero... I have admired this man for as long as I can remember and not for what he is most famous for * which is music* but for his mind. He was a man born before his time.. The era he was born in didn't appreciate his views and visions of a peaceful harmonious world. He saw something that could be. No one before or since  his existence has ever burned such an impression on me and my life. I wish I could have lived in his world, if only for a day!  My Hero