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 A kiss is just a kiss...a sigh is just a sigh..
Or is it?
A kiss on the ear means "I'm Horny"
A kiss on the cheek means "We're Friends"
A kiss on the hand means "I Adore You"
A kiss on the shoulder means "I Want You"
A kiss on the lips means "I Love You"
A kiss all over your body means "Let's get Busy"
Holding hands means "I Want to Get to Know You Better"
A wink means "I Think You're Sexy"
A slap on the butt means "Watch Out"
Playing with the ear means "I Can't Live Without You"
Arms around the waist means "I Love You To Much To Let Go"
Gently pulling hair back when kissing means "Don't Let This Moment End"
Looking into each other's eyes is "Let's Get Romantic"
Holding on tight is "Don't Let Go"
And remember...practice makes perfect
so go find someone to practice on :)
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